Raccoon Lodge turns 30!


4 days of celebration!
Free Food every day!

Friday March 23rd

Pabst Blue Ribbon Night

Drink Specials + Give Aways!

Saturday March 24th

Live music: Elijah Black and Special Guests

Sam Adams Promos

Sunday March 25th

Doubles Pool Tournament

Beehive Promos

Monday March 26th

80′s beer prices!
1$ – draft beer
2$ – domestic
3$ – imports

All proceeds go to nonprofit organization
Alternatives to Violence Project

Union Beer Promos

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2 Responses to “Raccoon Lodge turns 30!”

  1. Linda

    Wanted to know if you were the same Raccoon Lodge that was on Amsterdam Ave and 84th (I think) Trying to replace a t-shirt my husband got there about 8 years ago. Long sleeve. black with the Raccoon Lodge logo that looked alot like the Harley logo.

  2. Cynthia


    I was there when you opened 30 years ago.
    Who is the owner now.
    I knew Gary Maroni, we used to hang out at Micky’s.
    I met my husband at The Raccoon Lodge.

    My daughter is now living and working as a bartender going to culinary school in NYC. Almost the same age I was when I used to hang out there.

    Just curious if you have info on your site with the history of the Raccoon? Did not see it. There are a lot of people who I am sure would like to contribute if you are putting something together for your anniversary.


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