Raccoon Lodge turns 30!

RACCOON LODGE’S 30th YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! 4 days of celebration! Free Food every day!  September 12th Pabst Blue Ribbon Night 8pm-10pm Drink Specials + Give Aways! September 13th Live music: Elijah Black and Special Guests 4pm-7pm Sam Adams Promos 7pm-9pm September  15th Doubles Pool

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Spicy fried rice & Backon
vodka, sunshine juice
Netflix and Chill
Smirnoff vodka, butterscotch schnapps, popcorn syrup and cream
Espresso martini
42 Below manuka honey vodka , Kahlua liqueur , Cold drip coffee.
JUGS pimms
Seasonal fruits , Soda , Ginger ale
Frangelico , Kahlua liqueur , Baileys , Creaml

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30 Year Anniversary!

We’re open! Come to celebrate the Raccoon Lodge’s 30 year anniversary on September 12th! Drink Specials all day with our neon open sign!!!!!


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