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About Us

We love good food. We studied about good food. Now, it’s time for us to share our love and knowledge of good food with you.

Our Story

We love our Mom’s cooking, and we promised to let her taste our best cooking too

It all started with a simple competition among us, siblings, about who can make the best dish ever.

Ever since then, we strived hard to learn more about cooking and hospitality.

Until one day, we decided to open our own backyard restaurant which has since moved to New York City to serve more people like you.

A few words about us

Serving the best food and drinks since 1991

Our dedication into bringing perfection to every customer’s table is what drives us to move forward and improve at all times.

Back in 1980s, after we moved out of our parents house to start our own lives, we started to miss our mother’s cooking. And as if destiny wanted us to get passionate into culinary arts, all of us siblings (there are 3 of us), have started to dabble into the culinary world in one form or another. One of us went to a culinary school, the other one went to travel to try different dishes from around the world and the other one have actually started a small restaurant business of her own.

Five years later we reunited and we’ve decided to start our own family restaurant and this is the result.

We can’t wait to fuse our experience and knowledge together to bring the ultimate experience to you!

We have free WiFi!

Ask for the password at the counter

Our Food Policy

We ensure that our food, its ingredients and everything used to handle it are of the best quality. We always maintain our ingredients fresh and ready to be served at all times.

We ensure that our dishes, dessert, drinks and other meals are prepared with perfection in mind.


Our Core Values

  • We believe that everyone must be able to enjoy good food at an affordable price.
  • We believe that a great atmosphere helps everyone enjoy good food.
  • We believe that treating our staff fairly will help not only them but us.
  • We believe in providing a healthy and suitable work environment for all of our staff.
  • We believe that our staff should be friendly to customers.
  • We believe in using only the best quality ingredients.
  • We believe in giving it our all into making good food.

Let's eat.

We can’t wait to serve you!