Ultimate Things to do in New York City

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art- Popularly called as the MET gallery, one can roam around these halls for days without losing interest. The MET has more than two million art works which represent 5000 years of history. It is said tha it would take more than a week to look at the complete museum.
  2. Times Square- They say to get the complete feel of New York City, one must visit the Time Square. The cacophony of flashing lights and vehicles, the crowded sidewalks, where everybody is just running somewhere makes this the wildest part of the city.
  3. Empire State Building- With a slim silhouette that is popular all around the world, and can be recognized virtually world-wide has become the symbol of New York City. The place has become a spot for romantic moments, on and off screen. The view from the top of the building is breath-taking, however very few visitors make it to the top of the building.raccoon
  4. Brooklyn Bridge- Another landmarks for which New York, the Brooklyn Bridge stretches over the East River, connecting the two sides of New York city Manhattan and Brooklyn. There is a broadwalk over the roadway which is visited by pedestrians, cyclists and skaters. This walkway gives you a breathtaking view of the river and both the sides of the city.
  5. Statue of Liberty- This is the first place one would want to visit when in New York City. When visitors are visitng the statue, the quaint defined figure on the horizon slowly turns into a towering stately colossus, leaving the visitors with a sense of wonder.
  6. America Museum of Natural History- This is the largest natural history museum in the world and is one of the most impressive sight in New York. This huge museum makes up four city blocks with 45 exhibition halls that hold more than 30 million artifacts from the land, sea and outer space.
  7. Central Park- This a perfect combination of a serene park, exercise yard, and an entertainment zone The Central Park is like an urbanized Eden that gives visitors a complete feel of the Big Apple. The southern section of the park is usually the busiest and this is where he visitors get their first impression of the park.
  8. 9/11 Memorial- This is a 30-foot waterfall on the footprints of where the Twin Towers once stood. The memorial was finished just in time for the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 blast. The pools are said to be the largest man-made waterfall in North America, with each pool almost an acre in size. On the bronze panels of the pool, the names of 2,983 people who were killed are engraved.
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