Reason why you should visit New York City

  1. Theaters in New York City- There are 39 operational theatres in the world-famous Broadway today, most of them packed into an area called the “Great White Way”. One should never miss the chance to watch a show in one of these theatres. The plays here range from edgy new work to a classic piece. The tickets can be a tad bit expensive, but you can always find discounted theater tickets.
  2. Shopping in New York city- New York is another popular fashion hub in the world. You can find just about anything here, including the most expensive couture in the world to extremely inexpensive range of clothing.
  3. Museums in NYC- The city is filled with world-class museums. There the American Museum of Natural History which is considered as one of the largest in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art which has millions of art pieces under one roof and of course the Museum of Modern Art.
  4. Green space in NYC- Contrary to its other nickname, concrete jungle, New York City is one of the greenest city in the United State of America. The world famous 834-acre Central park, is only the fifth largest park in the city. One can jog, walk, in-line skate, horseback ride, ice skate, enjoy entertainment activities, eat, rent row boats, play sports in one of the 1,700 parks and playgrounds in the city.
  5. Grand Central Terminal- The beauty of the famous Beaux Arts building cannot be missed. Built for 30 years, between 1903 and 1931, the Grand Central Terminal is stunning. You can take tour around the station and learn its history and eventful past.main_concourse
  6. Great place in American History- New York city had one of the most important role to play in the rich history of America. It became the center of immigration and business after America earned freedom. It was the first capital of the United States of America. In fact, there’s a theory that about 40% of all Americans have ancestors who lived in New York city at least at one point in their life.
  7. Art hub of the world- With some of the largest museums in the world, New York City is one of the largest art hubs in the world. You can find all types of artists in the city too. From struggling artists to class art works, the city’s art scene is unparalleled. Apart from the big museums, the city is also filled with tiny museums in Brooklyn and the Lower East side. These are the museums which help bring in budding or fresh talent into the world of art. One can spend weeks look at all the art available in the city.
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